Guilty Pleasures Film Festival 2013

“The North Avenue Irregulars”

The church ladies go "undercover" in 'The North Avenue Irregulars' (Disney, 1979)

The church ladies go “undercover” in ‘The North Avenue Irregulars’ (Disney, 1979)

Have you ever seen the 1979 Disney comedy The North Avenue Irregulars? After taking over the North Avenue Presbyterian Church, Reverend Michael Hill (played by Edward Herrmann) finds from sad experience that the city is being overrun by organized crime. When the ongoing problems fall on the deaf ears of the local police, Reverend Hill along with six good-hearted (but majorly disorganized) ladies from the church decide to take on the criminals themselves. This is silly fun and a quintessential Disney comedy from the 1970s. Also stars Susan Clark, Karen Valentine, Barbara Harris, Ruth Buzzi and the always wonderful Cloris Leachman. Written by Don Tait. Based on the book by Rev. Albert Fay Hill. Directed by Bruce Bilson. “How come he doesn’t have any pants on?” “Well, we – we don’t know why, we – we don’t question why.”


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