Guilty Pleasures Film Festival 2013

“While You Were Sleeping”

Sandra Bullock, Peter Gallagher and Bill Pullman in "While You Were Sleeping" (Hollywood Pictures, 1995)

Sandra Bullock, Peter Gallagher and Bill Pullman in “While You Were Sleeping” (Hollywood Pictures, 1995)

The chick flicks continue with this week’s guilty pleasure, the fun romantic comedy “While You Were Sleeping” (Hollywood Pictures, 1995). Sandra Bullock plays Lucy, a lonely girl who works in a train station ticket booth in Chicago. Lucy has a crush on Peter (played by Peter Gallagher), a guy who catches the train everyday where she works and who doesn’t even know she’s alive. When Peter gets mugged and pushed onto the train tracks, Lucy heroically saves him and gets him to the hospital; however, his injuries have led him to fall into a coma. At the hospital, Lucy gets mistakenly introduced as Peter’s fiancée to his family, including his brother Jack (played by Bill Pullman), and thus begins a charming story of mistaken identities, restored family relationships and finding love where you least expect it. Also stars the great Peter Boyle, Jack Warden and Glynis Johns. Written by Daniel G. Sullivan and Fredric LeBow. Directed by Jon Turteltaub. “These potatoes are so creamy.”


One thought on ““While You Were Sleeping”

  1. Mandi Kerr says:

    My children have nearly all the dialogue memorized…These mashed potatoes are so creamy…Mary mashed them; Caesar Romero was not Cuban, I said he was tall; Kiss her, you idiot! Thanks for the memories, Stan!

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