Comedy Film Festival 2012


Nicholas Cage and Cher in "Moonstruck" (MGM, 1987)

Nicholas Cage and Cher in “Moonstruck” (MGM, 1987)

“Moonstruck”(MGM, 1987). A wonderful treatise on life, love, and being Italian. Cher plays Loretta, an Italian woman from Brooklyn who falls in love with her fiancée’s brother. Turns out that Loretta’s parents are also experiencing some bumps in their relationship, too. The film, with its wonderful script and outstanding performances, perfectly captures a passionate, neurotic, loving and funny Italian family. The Metropolian Opera/”La Bohème” motif is a plus, too. Cher won the Academy Award® for Best Actress for her performance in this film. Written by John Patrick Shanley, who also won the Academy Award® that year for Best Original Screenplay. Directed by Norman Jewison. Definitely a personal favorite. “The moon brings the woman to the man.”


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