Comedy Film Festival 2012

“Top Secret!”

Val Kilmer in 'Top Secret!" (Paramount, 1984)

Val Kilmer in ‘Top Secret!” (Paramount, 1984)

“Top Secret!” (Paramount, 1984). More juvenile (and really funny) humor from the team that brought us “Airplane!” This time, they spoof Elvis movies, spy movies and every other film genre in between. Val Kilmer, in his film debut, plays a very Elvis Presley-like character named Nick Rivers, a wildly-popular American rock ‘n’ roll singer who gets caught up in an espionage plot during a goodwill tour behind the Iron Curtain. While it’s difficult to top the film’s opening sequence, the silly absurdity carries on throughout the picture (make sure to notice the Swedish bookstore scene with Peter Cushing that was filmed backwards, not to mention the underwater fight scene at the end of the film). Also stars Lucy Gutteridge, Jeremy Kemp and Omar Sharif. Written and directed by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker (also written by Martyn Burke). “Latrine!”