Comedy Film Festival 2012


Jason Schwartzman in "Rushmore" (Touchstone, 1998)

Jason Schwartzman in “Rushmore” (Touchstone, 1998)

“Rushmore” (Touchstone, 1998). A one-of-a-kind coming-of-age comedy. Jason Schwartzman plays Max Fisher, Rushmore Academy’s most involved yet worst student. When he and Mr. Blume (brilliantly played by the great Bill Murray), who is a parent of two of his classmates, both fall in love with the Academy’s first grade teacher, the fallout forces Max to rethink his life. If you haven’t seen a Wes Anderson film before, this is an excellent place to start. Definitely a film for grown ups, but really good stuff. Also stars Olivia Williams and Seymour Cassel. Written by Wes Anderson and Owen Wilson. Directed by Wes Anderson. “I saved Latin. What did you ever do?”