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100 Years of Ford Trucks

I've wanted a Ford F-150 truck for years. It was fun to read about the celebration that took place this week at Ford headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan celebrating the 100th anniversary of the first Ford truck.

On July 27, 1917, the very first Ford truck rolled off the assembly line–the 1917 Ford Model TT.

The Ford F-Series truck was born after World War II. Here's a 1948 Ford F-1.

The F-1 was rebranded as the F-100 in 1953. The F-100 included more interior appointments (armrests, dome lighting, etc.) and a more aerodynamic design. Here's a 1953 F-100.

In 1975, Ford replaced the F-100 with the higher-capacity F-150 with the intent to combat the C/K trucks from rival General Motors. Here's a 1975 Ford F-150.

In 1977, the Ford F-Series truck pulled ahead in the sales race vs. General Motors and has been the best selling truck in America ever since. Ford's classic advertising slogan "Built Ford Tough" was also first used in 1977 and it is still in use today.

The F-150 has gone through a lot of design iterations. Here's a classic 1993 F-150.

Here's a beautiful 2004 F-150.

In 2015, Ford began using the auto industry’s first high-strength, military-grade, aluminum-alloy body in its F-150 trucks, making the trucks lighter and more capable (regardless of what Chevy says in their ads).

And here we are with the very latest model, the 2018 F-150. Yes, please!

Congratulations to Ford on this terrific milestone. Here's to another 100 years of Ford trucks.

All images © Ford Motor Company