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“The Magic of Aardman” Museum Exhibit

I had the pleasure of seeing Aardman Animations‘ “The Magic of Aardman” exhibit at the Deutsches Filmmuseum while in Frankfurt, Germany a few months ago (sorry that I’m a bit slow on this one). The exhibit is a terrific retrospective of the incredibly creative work done at Aardman Animations. I love anything that provides a glimpse into creative endeavor, particularly filmmaking, and this exhibit definitely did not disappoint.

The exibit was created by Aardman Animations in partership with the Art Ludique-Le Musée in Paris, France, where it had its debut in 2015. The Aardman website provided this introduction about it:

“Over 400 concept drawings, character and background studies, watercolours, and storyboards will complete this exceptional exhibition, where one can even discover Nick Park’s sketchbook as a student, containing the first drawings of Wallace and Gromit, never before seen by the public. The exhibition will display numerous screens, allowing visitors to discover as a family the incredible creativity of the studio, through extracts of its most famous films, but also with more than 60 short and feature films, hilarious advertisements or magical video clips.”

Here are a few of my favorite images from the exhibit. (All artwork © Aardman Animations.)

I believe this is a photo of Peter Lord, David Sproxton, and Nick Park–the founders of Aardman Animations

One of my favorites pieces in the exhibit: a set from “Shawn the Sheep–The Movie” with lighting and camera

The exhibit next opens at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) in Melbourne, Australia in June 2017. Here’s a promotional video:


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