Comedy Film Festival 2012

“The Pink Panther”

Theatrical poster for "The Pink Panther" (United Artists,, 1963)

Theatrical poster for "The Pink Panther" (United Artists, 1963)

“The Pink Panther” (United Artists, 1963). A notorious jewel thief nicknamed The Phantom sets his sights on stealing the Pink Panther, one of the world’s largest diamonds (that also happens to be pink). French police detective Jacques Clouseau is on the case (or is he?). Peter Sellers’ creation/interpretation of the klutzy, crazy Inspector Clouseau is comedy gold–he steals every scene he’s in. With a memorable musical score by Henry Mancini, stylish animated titles with the iconic Pink Panther cartoon character, and co-starring David Niven, Robert Wagner and Italian beauty Claudia Cardinale, this first film in the “Pink Panther” series is a true period piece from the 1960s. It was big fun to see this film on the big screen with an appreciative (and laughing) audience at last week’s Turner Classic Movies Classic Film Festival. Written by Maurice Richlin and Blake Edwards. Directed by Blake Edwards. “Oh well, if you’ve seen one Stradivarius, you’ve seen them all.”


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