Comedy Film Festival 2012

“Foul Play”

Theatrical poster for "Foul Play" (Paramount, 1978)

Theatrical poster for "Foul Play" (Paramount, 1978)

“Foul Play” (Paramount, 1978). A romantic comedy thriller–sort of a 1970s “Hitchcock-lite.” Gloria Mundy, played by Goldie Hawn, decides she’s “ready to take a chance again” (main title song courtesy of Barry Manilow) with a new guy, but ends up getting involved with a spy who has uncovered a diabolical plot to kill the Pope. Chevy Chase plays Tony Carlson, a clumsy yet charming cop hired to protect Gloria from the cast of crazies trying to harm her. Highlights include Goldie Hawn’s smile, great one-liners from Chevy Chase, a memorable game of Scrabble, and a wild car chase scene through the hilly San Francisco streets. Written and directed by Colin Higgins. “Kojak, bang, bang!”


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