51 in 2011

“The Fox and the Hound”

The Fox and the Hound

Image © Disney

“The Fox and the Hound” (1981), Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 24th animated motion picture. A domesticated fox befriends his hound dog neighbor who’s been raised to hunt, well, foxes. Their respective human owners don’t like each other either. It’s “Bambi” meets “The Hatfields and McCoys.” Not my favorite.

While I really don’t care for “The Fox and the Hound,” it was made at an important turning point in the history of Walt Disney Animation Studios. Many of the old animation guard retired during the film’s production and its completion was entrusted to a new generation of animators. This short documentary tells more about it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaHL7EjVLB8.



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