51 in 2011

“The Emperor’s New Groove”

The Emperor's New Groove

Image © Disney

“The Emperor’s New Groove” (2001), Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 40th animated motion picture. A zany comedy that would be more at home at Warner Bros. than at Disney (although I’m very glad Disney made the film). Set in South America during the Incan Empire, this fictional tale tells the story of how a selfish young emperor gets turned into a llama by his evil advisor and how, with the help of a kind farmer, he figures out that life is not just all about him. The distinctive art design was inspired by Peruvian landscapes and Inca art and artifacts. The film gets its laughs from its great character animation and from its hilarious vocal cast featuring David Spade, John Goodman, Patrick Warburton, Wendie Malick, Eartha Kitt and Tom Jones (yes, THE Tom Jones). Includes original songs written by Sting. “No touchy.”



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