51 in 2011



Image © Disney

“Tarzan” (1999), Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 37th animated motion picture. A fantastic adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ oft filmed Tarzan of the Apes novel. Animation is an excellent medium for the telling of this story and the Disney artists definitely do it justice. The jungle setting designed for the movie uses a computer-animation technology referred to as “Deep Canvas,” which creates animated backgrounds of tremendous depth and texture. All of the film’s songs were written and performed by drummer Phil Collins, who serves in a way as the story’s narrator. In this version, Tarzan has dreadlocks and literally surfs through the trees (his movements were based on those of pro skateboarder and extreme spots icon Tony Hawk). The filmmakers also keep classic Tarzan elements intact, including city-girl/love-interest Jane and the unmistakable Johnny Weissmuller Tarzan yell (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarzan_yell). A great film. “And, Daddy, they took my boot!”



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