51 in 2011



Image © Disney

“Hercules” (1997), Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 35th animated motion picture. A comedic, musical retelling of the myth about the famously strong demigod. The filmmaker’s have a blast with Greek mythology and its pantheon of characters and stories (along with references to countless Hollywood films). The jokes and sight gags are fast, furious and non-stop (a personal favorite–“Somebody call I-X-I-I.”). The film’s distinctive look can be attributed to British cartoonist and illustrator Gerald Scarfe, whom Disney hired to be its production designer (he was also the animation director for the trippy “Pink Floyd The Wall” film; check out his his official website at http://www.geraldscarfe.com). Supremely entertaining, if not a bit overwhelming. ”It takes more than sinew/Comes down to what’s in you.”



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